20 April 2023

How to prepare for your first gravel event and pick the best gravel tyre

Get ready to conquer any terrain with our ultimate guide to preparing for a gravel event. Learn how to choose the right tyres, gears, and nutrition.
4 April 2023

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30 March 2023

Hutchinson – Femme & Cycliste : l’Etape du Tour de France 2023

Discover the inspiring story of the Hutchinson – Femme & Cycliste team, a group of twelve women who are training to participate in the iconic Etape du Tour de France 2023 #HerOwnStory
4 November 2021

TCRNo8 – 2022

At Hutchinson, we are incredibly proud to be supporting the Transcontinental Race. Commonly known as the TCR, the event is one of the most demanding unsupported ultra-endurance races in the world.
7 September 2021

Evo Jam : watch them shred the Griffus Line

Watch William Robert, Olivier Cuvet, Antoni Villoni & more absolutely send it on the Griffus Line.
25 August 2021

Watch Pedalma : a 700 km race from MAD to BCN

Pedalma is an unsupported ultra cycling event that joins Madrid and Barcelona. Ibai Fradejas and his friend Fernando Marquez, share their experience from the race.