28 November 2023

Unlocking Performance and Reliability with the Hutchinson Challenger TLR

Get ready for winter cycling with the Hutchinson Challenger TLR. Discover unmatched puncture protection and reliability. Trusted by experienced riders for all-season adventures. Say goodbye to punctures and embrace the road with confidence.
22 September 2023

New Challenger Tubeless, the ultimate all-season, ultra endurance and training tyre

Dive into the future of cycling with the Hutchinson Challenger TLR – a game-changing all-season road tyre. Discover revolutionary technologies like HARDSHIELD™ and AIRSHIELD™, offering unmatched puncture resistance and versatility.
11 September 2023

Join “Hutchinson – Femme & Cycliste” team 2024

Join us in championing women’s cycling. HUTCHINSON – FEMME & CYCLISTE 2024 team registrations now open, read more here.
28 June 2023

Bike Trails and Cultural Delights: A Sicilian Adventure

Uncover Sicily’s wonders on a captivating bike adventure. Explore ancient cathedrals, charming towns, and embrace the island’s rich culture. Pedal through history, creating unforgettable memories along the way.
20 April 2023

How to prepare for your first gravel event and pick the best gravel tyre

Get ready to conquer any terrain with our ultimate guide to preparing for a gravel event. Learn how to choose the right tyres, gears, and nutrition.
4 April 2023

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