Can you send out brand stickers/goodies?

We do not have any stickers or goodies to send out but we invite you to meet us at major events where we sometimes have Hutchinson goodies to hand out.

I am looking for sponsorship from or a partnership with Hutchinson.Who should I get in touch with?

Thank you for your interest in our brand.To apply, please fill in the contact form (at the bottom of the page).We will get back to you as soon as possible if your file is accepted.

Where can I buy your products in store in France? abroad? online?

Please visit theDealer Locator to find our physical and online points of sale.

I bought a defective tire or accessory. I encountered a problem after using my tire or accessory. What should I do?

To be able to take advantage of an exchange or a refund, or for any other problem related to your purchase, please contact the store or website where you purchased the product.They will be able to set up an after-sales service process.Defective items will be sent back to us via the store so that we can analyze the problem and remedy it if necessary.Our team is limited in what it can do, so we do not have the means to process after-sales service returns directly.

And if my store no longer exists / doesn’t reply / doesn’t agree… what should I do?

Explain the problem to us live and we will see what solution we can provide or we will give you the contact details of someone who can deal with the problem.

How do I read the dimensions of a tire?

There are two main measurements for tire dimensions:Dimensions standardized by ETRTO are expressed in millimeters (e.g.23-622 – ATOM COMP). These correspond to the cross-section, i.e. the width, then the internal diameter (beads) of the tire.Usually, dimensions are expressed in millimeters (e.g.700×23 – FUSION 5) or in inches (e.g.29×2.10 – COBRA), and they correspond to the outside diameter (indicative value) and cross-section of the tire.For better understanding, Hutchinson systematically shows both values.

What is ETRTO?

Hutchinson is a full member of the European Tire and Rim Technical Organization, which aims to standardize different measurement systems for all tires.For more information, please visit www.etrto.org

What is the difference between a tubeless tire and a tubetype tire?

A tubetype tire is fitted with an inner tube, a tubeless tire has no inner tube but rather liquid for sealing.A tubeless tire can only be fitted on specific Tubeless-compatible wheels.

Can I mount my tubeless tire on any rim?

Although some custom fittings are possible, we recommend that tubeless tires only be fitted on suitable compatible tubeless or tubeless-ready rims.

What do I need to fit my tubeless tire?

• a tubeless tire
• a compatible tubeless / tubeless-ready rim
• a flap or tubeless tape (not necessary on some rims)
• A tubeless valve
• tubeless preventive fluid
here’s a video tutorial for the fitting process:
FR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K8mcR1Lymo
EN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EhhyFMIZtH4

What is the difference between Sideskin and Hardskin?

Sideskin is a reinforcement on the sidewalls of the tire, while Hardskin is bead-to-bead reinforcement.As a result, tires with Hardskin reinforcement are the most robust of our ranges.

What do the letters RRXC or RREND on my tire mean?

This refers to the rubber used on the tire.RR stands for Race Ripost. It’s a three-layer rubber that is made in France. RRXC is cross-country specific, RREND is Enduro specific and RR Gravity is Gravity specific.

Where are Hutchinson tires produced?

We still have our production site in France at Chalette-sur-Loing, a historic Hutchinson site.There we manufacture all the products in the Racing Lab range, MTB tires with hardskin reinforcement or Race Ripost (RR) rubber, road tires for the Fusion 5, Sector and Intensive 2 ranges as well as Touareg and Overide tubeless-ready for gravel.
The rest of our models are made in Asia.

Are there specific tires for my electric bike?

Yes, we have a complete specific range for electric bikes with rubbers and casings adapted to the specific demands of electric bikes.
Mountain bikes:
• Griffus EBIKE 27.5 x 2.50 and 29 x 2.50
• Taipan EBIKE 27.5 x 2.35 and 29 x 2.35
• Toro EBIKE 27.5 x 2.35 and 29 x 2.35
• Toro Koloss 27.5 x 2.80 and 27.5 x 2.60
• Taipan Koloss 27.5 x 2.80 and 27.5 x 2.60
• Gila Koloss 27.5 x 2.60

Road bikes:
• Sector EBIKE 700 x 32

City trekking:
• Haussmann EBIKE 700 x 47, 700 x 40, 27.5 x 1.75, 27.5 x 1.50 and 26 x 1.75
• Gotham EBIKE:700 x 37 and 26 x 1.70

What pressures do you recommend?

You can now download the Hutchinson Connec’tires app on Apple or Android for recommendations specific to your bike and the way you ride.

What is TPI?

The density of the threads making up a tire carcass is measured in the number of threads per inch (1 inch = 2.54cm).A 33 TPI carcass uses a low-density weave made up of coarse threads providing stiffness to the tire.In contrast, a 127 TPI carcass uses a high-density weave made up of very fine threads providing flexibility to the tire.

What is the “true” dimension of a Touareg on a rim?

The Tuareg measures 40mm on a 23mm rim, so it will be slightly below 40mm on a 21mm rim (roughly 39.2).
What about the Fusion 5?
The tire is 25mm on a 17mm rim, so on a 19mm internal rim the tire will be around 26.5mm.

What tires do you recommend for a fixie?

The Intensive 2 are perfect for the fixie: they have very good longevity, so they are perfect for skids.

Which way round do I fit my tire? Is there a correct direction to fit each model?

There is a recommended direction of rotation when the tire is fitted at the front and another when it is fitted at the rear.The Cobra can be mounted in either direction at the front.In the direction recommended on the tire, the lateral grip is optimized, but there is a slight loss of efficiency; in the other direction, efficiency as well as braking is optimized.
This is an old practice that is not often followed today. We now recommend fitting the tire in the same direction at the front as at the rear, in the direction indicated for the rear.

I have a question / need advice and cannot find the answer on this page.What should I do?

You can send us a message via the contact form at the bottom of this page or send us a private message directly on our Facebook page @HutchinsonCycling. We will do our best to reply as soon as possible.