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28 November 2023

Unlocking Performance and Reliability

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When it comes to choosing the perfect road tyre for your cycling adventures, there’s no better way to gain confidence in a product than hearing from the athletes and testers who have put it to the test.

The Hutchinson Challenger Tubeless Ready tyre (Challenger TLR) has been making waves in the cycling world, offering exceptional performance in terms of durability, puncture resistance, and versatility.

Whether you’re gearing up for an ultra-distance race, facing challenging winter training, or simply seeking a reliable companion for all-season riding, the Challenger TLR is the go-to choice. Today, we’re excited to share the experiences and insights of some of our most trusted riders who have embraced the Challenger and can attest to its remarkable qualities.

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What they say :


Unparalleled Puncture Protection with HARDSHIELD™

Ulrich Bartholmoes, Tour Divide 2023 Winner, has covered over 9,000km without a single puncture, thanks to the Challenger TLR’s revolutionary HARDSHIELD™ technology. With a wide polyamide reinforcement and Aramid threads, it offers unmatched puncture resistance, making it ideal for ultra-distance cycling races and chaotic winter roads.

Exceptional Longevity

Ibai Fradejas shares his experience with the Challenger TLR, highlighting its impressive longevity. After approximately 5,800km, he encountered zero punctures, showcasing the tyre’s reliability and long-lasting performance, a critical feature for training cyclists.

Confidence on Various Terrains

Josh Reid, ultra-cyclist, found the Challenger TLR to be a reliable companion on both road and unexpected gravel stretches. Its excellent grip and puncture resistance allowed him to navigate challenging conditions without any issues.

Endurance and Reliability

Marin de Saint Exupéry and Clément Random emphasize the importance of tyre reliability in long-distance cycling. The Challenger TLR’s ability to handle various terrains, including gravel and rough roads, makes it a trusted choice for endurance riders and those clocking in training hours.

Comfort and Performance

Clément Random appreciates the comfort and performance of the Challenger TLR, particularly during long-distance rides. The tubeless set up, combined with its solid construction, provides a smooth and reliable experience for those putting in the hours on sometimes deteriorated roads.

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“I started riding the Hutchinson Challenger Tubeless when I was preparing for the Transcontinental – an ultra long-distance cycling race from Belgium all across Europe to Bulgaria, covering a route of 4,500 kilometers nonstop. For such an endeavor, a reliable tyre delivering exceptional performance in terms of durability and puncture resistance is key.

Using the Challenger Tubeless 32mm brings it all together: maximum comfort and performance while still being reliable on all kinds of terrain. I am using it for all kinds of terrain – tarmac, roads with pretty bad surface, or gravel. During the Transcontinental, I was able to ride one pair of tyres through the whole race – without any puncture. And still – after 4,500km, those tyres are still up for more – I managed to ride a pair for more than 9,000km before the tread was ready to retire.

The Challenger Tubeless is an exceptional piece of technology that never let me down.”

– Ulrich Bartholmoes

Tour Divide 2023 Winner, 5th TCR 2022, Winner Across Andes, Winner Badlands, Pedalma, 3rd The Traka 360

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“It seems like yesterday when I rode the prototype Challenger, but the truth is it’s been about three and a half months now in which I’ve put approximately 5,800km on them. I have tested them in almost every possible situation, summer (45ºC), rainy days… I have climbed Tourmalet, Solour, Aubisque, even the asphalt and the dirty gravel of Tromouse. The data is simple, in all these kilometers, I have punctured a whopping zero times, yes zero times on both wheels.

I have taken the tyres from 5.5 bars to 7 bars of pressure always with the same Hutchinson sealant, and I think that in this width (with Fulcrum Speedm55 rims), the pressure at which they behave better is 5.8 bars. The front tyre with 5,800km seems to be still at 60% of use, so I decide to continue using it until it is at its maximum.

My assessment is clear : I would definitely recommend them and I would mount them again.”

– Ibai Fradejas

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“After using the tube version of the Challenger tyres, I was very confident in the capabilities of a new tubeless version.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair before heading on my most recent ultra race which started in Brittany and wiggled its way to the finish in Wales. The 2000km set route ultra was meant to be road but like most ultras I’ve undertaken, you end up on more gravel than you expect. While many riders suffered from several punctures on these stretches, I had no such issues and got to the finish without having to plug any holes.

The tyres provided the loaded bike with plenty of grip, giving me confidence on wet, loose, and potholed descents.”

– Josh Reid

Ultra-cyclist, Tour du Monde à vélo, China to UK by bike

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“In long-distance cycling, the criteria for performance are different, especially when it comes to tyres.

Above all, the equipment needs to withstand wear and tear. Particularly in the Transcontinental, which is a long race covering 4,000 kilometers on roads with occasional off-road sections, you need equipment you can trust.

That’s what I was looking for with the Challenger – a road tyre that isn’t afraid to go the distance or venture off the beaten path.”

– Marin de Saint Exupéry

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“I’ve been riding and testing the tubeless Challenger tyre for 2 years now, and I had the privilege of testing the first prototypes. From the very first ride, I felt comfortable on this tyre, no matter the terrain.

Even on 28mm, its durability allows you to take it anywhere, even on gravel paths. The fear of punctures is almost non-existent. In 2 years, I’ve had only one flat, and the sealant did its job right away. I use it year-round on my road bike, especially for long-distance rides like the Big Fat Ride, which involves 200km outings.

The comfort of a tubeless tyre is a real pleasure for endurance use, as the flexibility gives the impression of having an even wider tyre.

When I committed to the TCR, I knew that the ‘gravel’ sections would be challenging, almost like mountain biking. So, I needed a tyre I could trust blindly, and the Challenger delivered perfectly.

I completed the race without a single flat tyre and without any fear in technical sections. When your equipment is put to the test, it’s essential to start as confidently as possible with tried and tested gear. That’s what the Challenger provided at the finish of the Transcontinental race! Mandatory sections led us on all types of terrain, from poorly maintained roads in the Balkans to 15% rocky descents in the mountains, and even very sandy sections at the final stage.

The versatility of this tyre makes it an excellent choice for cyclists looking for high performance on any terrain without worrying about road conditions. Definitely a tyre to keep on hand.”

– Clément Random

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The testimonials from these experienced cyclists reaffirm what we’ve known all along: the Hutchinson Challenger Tubeless Ready tyre (Challenger TLR) is a game-changer in the world of cycling.

Its innovative technologies like HARDSHIELD™ and AIRSHIELD™ deliver unmatched puncture protection and reliability, allowing riders to tackle any terrain with confidence. Whether you’re embarking on an ultra-distance race, facing challenging winter training, or simply looking for a reliable companion throughout your all-season rides, the Challenger TLR is the go-to tyre for endurance, comfort, and performance.

Join these riders and experience the future of cycling with the Hutchinson Challenger TLR. Explore all the references, specifications, and additional details of the Challenger TLR on our dedicated product page and gear up with the confidence that only Hutchinson can provide. Say goodbye to punctures and problems and embrace the road with the Challenger TLR.

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