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22 September 2023

New Challenger TLR

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Unveiling the Game-Changer:
Hutchinson Challenger TLR,
The Ultimate All-Season Road Tyre

Welcome to the cycling world’s most exciting revelation of the year – the Hutchinson Challenger Tubeless Road Tyre (Challenger TLR). Designed to redefine the concept of the perfect all-season road tyre, the Challenger TLR boasts unparalleled comfort, durability, and puncture resistance. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the revolutionary technologies that make the Challenger TLR this year’s best road tyre, an ultimate winter tyre, and the go-to choice for all-season endurance and training.

Setting the Stage for a Cycling Revolution

At the heart of this game-changing tyre lies years of relentless research and development by Hutchinson’s team in France. As the originator of the road tubeless standard in 2006, Hutchinson has a legacy of pushing boundaries and introducing groundbreaking technologies to the world of cycling.

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Unparalleled Puncture Protection with HARDSHIELD™

The Challenger TLR introduces an entirely new level of puncture protection with HARDSHIELD™ technology. This innovation consists of two protective layers working in harmony. A wide polyamide reinforcement spans the width of the tyre’s tread, while a narrower strip of super-strong Aramid threads concentrates protection at the ground contact patch.

In rigorous tests comparing the Challenger TLR to competitors, it withstood punctures at force ratings up to 170 Newtons, a remarkable 100% increase in resistance in some cases. These results demonstrate the extraordinary level of puncture resistance offered by HARDSHIELD™.

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AIRSHIELD™ – A Paradigm Shift in Tubeless Setups

Say goodbye to common air loss issues with the revolutionary AIRSHIELD™ technology. By integrating two high-performance sealing compounds that coat both the tyre’s interior and bead, AIRSHIELD™ ensures an airtight environment. The flexible butyl layer extends seamlessly to the rim, allowing it to flex and deform with the tyre’s movement, maintaining an impenetrable seal against air leakage.

Furthermore, a robust, abrasion-resistant coating encircles the tyre’s bead, ensuring a seamless connection with the rim. This eliminates the need for traditional bead fabric reinforcements, enhancing sidewall flexibility and ride comfort to unprecedented levels.

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Tubeless Freedom with AIRSHIELD™ and HARDSHIELD™

The combined power of AIRSHIELD™ and HARDSHIELD™ introduces the possibility of running the Challenger TLR without sealant. This opens up tubeless technology to riders who may have previously avoided it due to perceived setup and maintenance difficulties. In case of a puncture, simply install an inner tube and repair the tyre at home for a mess-free tubeless experience. Alternatively, pair the Challenger TLR with Hutchinson Protect’Air Max Sealant for unrivaled puncture resistance, perfect for ultra-endurance riding and year-round training.

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Unmatched Construction and Performance

The Challenger Tubeless features a 3×127 TPI carcass matched with a new Hutchinson Endurance Bi-Compound. Softer shoulders (53 Sha rating) provide reliable grip in all conditions, while a harder central tread (62 Sha rating) reduces rolling resistance and enhances abrasion resistance. The 2.3mm thick central tread further enhances puncture resistance, comfort, and boasts an industry-leading 10,000km real-world lifespan.

Crafted in France for Excellence

The Hutchinson Challenger TLR proudly carries the “Made in France” legacy, meticulously crafted in our historic French factory, where we have been producing tyres since 1890. This commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures that you’re not just buying a tyre; you’re investing in a piece of cycling history and expertise.

The Best Choice for the Months Ahead

Don’t wait to experience the future of cycling. With the Challenger TLR, you’ll ride with confidence through the coming months, including the challenging winter training season. Prepare for your upcoming cycling adventures with the peace of mind that only the Challenger TLR can provide.

Redefine Your Cycling Experience with the Challenger TLR

The Hutchinson Challenger TLR is not just a tyre; it’s a game-changer that will transform your cycling experience. With cutting-edge technologies like HARDSHIELD™ and AIRSHIELD™, it’s certainly this year’s best road tyre, with many strings to its bow : an ultimate winter tyre, top all-season tyre, and the preferred choice for endurance and training.

Embrace the future of cycling with the Challenger TLR and ride with confidence all year round. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and get ready to revolutionize your cycling adventures. To explore all the references, specifications, and additional details of the Challenger, visit our dedicated product page and gear up with the Challenger TLR today. Ensure you’re always leading the peloton, never sidelined by punctures or problems.


The Challenger Tubeless is an exceptional piece of technology that never let me down.
Ulrich Bartholmoes, Ultra Endurance Athlete, 19 ultra distance race since 2019, 15 victories
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