Python Race

Introducing the Python Race – the ultimate and fastest XC tyre designed for champions! Lightweight at just 600g, it’s built for speed and precision, making it the go-to choice for elite level XC racing. With its ultra-low profile central tread and super-flexible 3×127 TPI construction, the Python Race delivers unbeatable performance on wet or dry hardpack terrain. Plus, it’s already proven its prowess with a 2nd place finish at Mairiporã, Brazil, setting the stage for a victorious 2024 XCO season. It’s the tyre of champions, that’ll propel you to victory!

Mud shedding
Lateral grip
Puncture Resistance
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Python Race References

Gamme Use Tire Size ETRTO Concept Beads Reinforcement Compound Colours TPI Weight (+/- 7%) Reference Made in France

Rim Size 29

Gamme : Mountain bikeUse : XCTire Size : 29X2.4ETRTO : 57-622Concept : Tubeless Ready / Racing LabBeads : FBReinforcement : Compound : Race Ripost XCColours : BlackTPI : 127Weight (+/- 7%) : 600gReference : PV532652Made in France : check
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“Designed specifically for elite level XC racing where every second count.”

Engineered for champions, the Python Race is the pinnacle of XC tyre technology. Developed in partnership with the Decathlon Ford Racing Team, it’s designed specifically for elite level XC racing where every gram and every second count.

Through rigorous testing and racing in the Racing Lab program, the Python Race has been fine-tuned to perfection. Its lightweight construction, weighing in at just 600g, makes it the fastest rolling tyre in Hutchinson’s MTB range, reserved exclusively for race days.

The Python Race features cutting-edge technology, including the RRXC compound and a 3×127 TPI construction, ensuring uncompromising performance and durability. With a super low profile central tread and more prominent side knobs, it delivers unmatched speed, grip in corners, and a certain degree of puncture protection.

Mounted on 30mm wide rims, the Python Race boasts a 60mm volume, providing incredible levels of traction and deformation. Achieving optimal performance also hinges on fine-tuning tyre pressure to match the rider’s weight, skills, and terrain conditions. Available only in Black and exclusively in a 29” x 2.4″ size, it’s the ultimate choice for XC riders seeking victory on the most demanding racecourses.

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