Introducing the Hutchinson Wyrm Downcountry & Trail Tyre, the ultimate solution to conquer any terrain. This aggressive 29″ tyre bridges the gap between XC and Enduro disciplines, delivering unmatched performance. As the second addition to the Hutchinson Downcountry/Trail range, the Wyrm embodies power and agility. Inspired by a legendary creature, its robust construction protects against any challenge, while its versatile design enhances your bike’s character. Whether used as a standalone tyre for all-weather downcountry riding or combined with other Hutchinson tyres, the Wyrm excels in every condition. With its optimal balance of efficiency, responsiveness, and puncture protection, the Wyrm guarantees an exceptional ride. Now available in Racing Lab editions, handmade in France.

Mud shedding
Lateral grip
Puncture Resistance
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Wyrm References

Gamme Use Tire Size ETRTO Concept Beads Reinforcement Compound Colours TPI Weight (+/- 7%) Reference Made in France

Rim Size 29

Gamme : Mountain bikeUse : Downcountry / XC – TrailTire Size : 29X2.4ETRTO : 57-622Concept : Racing Lab / Tubeless ReadyBeads : FBReinforcement : HardskinCompound : Race Ripost XCColours : BlackTPI : 66Weight (+/- 7%) : 950gReference : PV531892Made in France : check
Gamme : Mountain bikeUse : Downcountry / XC – TrailTire Size : 29X2.4ETRTO : 57-622Concept : Tubeless Ready / Racing LabBeads : FBReinforcement : HardskinCompound : Race Ripost XCColours : Tan WallsTPI : 66Weight (+/- 7%) : 950gReference : PV531902Made in France : check
Gamme : Mountain bikeUse : Downcountry / XC – TrailTire Size : 29X2.4ETRTO : 57-622Concept : Tubeless ReadyBeads : FBReinforcement : SideskinCompound : Bi-compoundColours : BlackTPI : 66Weight (+/- 7%) : 950gReference : PV704852
Unlocking unmatched performance, grip and control
Synergistic Design

The Wyrm’s large volume provides the advantages of a larger tyre without the drawbacks. It allows for lower tyre pressure, resulting in increased flexibility, deformation, and improved traction, braking, and cornering ability.
Despite being a downcountry tyre, it maintains excellent efficiency with a relatively low and efficient profile, even on dry terrain that requires frequent acceleration.

«We drew inspiration from our XC tyres, incorporating a low tread height but a large volume to strike a balance.»
– Joël BALEZ, R&D Project Manager

Regarding the tread pattern, we aimed for effective mud shedding to enhance braking and traction on looser terrains. Therefore, we spaced out the tread blocks, creating ample gaps between them.

To ensure traction in the simplified tread pattern, we modified the arrangement of the side knobs, alternating their positioning to achieve progressive engagement and compensate for the spaced-out tread blocks.

In the central section, we incorporated elements reminiscent of our XC designs, such as the Skeleton chevron pattern, which is a signature of Hutchinson tyres.

This pattern can be found in the Skeleton and Kraken as well as Tundra gravel tyres. It provides a balance between efficiency and traction with two different types
of chevrons: one focused on efficiency with chamfered surfaces to improve rolling performance, and the rear-facing chevrons also feature grooves to prevent a «sliding

While not completely open, the groove ensures the deformation of the tread without compromising the durability and wear of the knobs during braking.

The second type of chevron supports the first one with a rear-facing design and straight knob surfaces, ensuring traction and braking performance. By observing closely, you can notice the bridges connecting the various knobs in the central section, enhancing the overall integrity and mechanical linkage between the knobs,
allowing the chevron pattern to function as a solid block.

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