4 November 2021

Trancontinental Race No8

We are incredibly proud to be supporting the Transcontinental Race. Commonly known as the TCR, the event is one of the most demanding unsupported ultra-endurance races in the world. Attracting thousands of applicants every year and an army of ‘dot-watchers’ around the globe tracking events from home.


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The TCR is racing in its simplest form. Competitors are given a start point, end point and several control points and parcours in between, with no other set route the rest is up to them.

The race length averages around 3,800km, with finishers completing it in 7-10 days. The clock starts and does not stop again until they cross the finish line, meaning tough choices must be made in regards to how much time to dedicate to riding, resting and refuelling.

The race represents everything we at Hutchinson want to support in cycling. It’s one of the few races that has made and continues to make considerable strides towards true inclusivity and diversity. This includes maintaining a positive action policy for signups since its inception and committing to support increased representation of under-represented groups in cycling, especially women, womxn and people of colour. The last edition of the race saw Fiona Kolbinger win by a margin of 10 hours, proving without doubt that gender is irrelevant to success.

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As well as this dedication to improving the sport we love, the race also fosters a sense of adventure and riding into the unknown, coming to terms not only with the terrain you have to conquer but the emotions you will encounter along the way, encouraging you to Ride Your Own Story.

Through our partnership with TCR we will be adopting CP4, the final control point and parcours before the finish. This sees riders pass through Romania’s Parâng mountains and is one of the most testing for both them and their equipment. It follows a little known historic off-road route, the Drumul Strategic.

The riders will have to tackle a mix of gravel and rough unmanaged track which will pose a serious challenge, even more so if there are adverse weather conditions. Kit choice and especially tyre choice will be a crucial part of riders decision making for this section to ensure they are able to complete it safely and in good time.

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For the TCR, our tyre of choice is the Hutchinson Sector. Taking its name from the cobbled sectors of the brutal Paris-Roubaix for which it was originally designed, Sector is our fast rolling, puncture resistant long distance tyre. Matching a Hardskin puncture protection layer with dual compound rubber, Sector is the perfect combination of speed and strength. Available in both 28mm and 32mm, the larger volume will be perfect for the parcours leading up to CP4, with riders needing to balance off-road capability with on-road speed.

“We’re proud to partner with Transcontinental – the definitive self-supported bicycle race across Europe. The entire Hutchinson team is incredibly excited about TCR No.8 and we truly hope we’ll be able to meet all of the amazing riders in 2021. Our desire is to be ever closer to cyclists and their practice, to live alongside them and contribute to their unique and extraordinary stories. We want to help them accomplish their personal challenges and incredible endeavours no matter their background so it’s an honour to be involved in Transcontinental and support their positive action.”

– Sylvie Woroniecki
Hutchinson Cycling Dpt. Global Communications Manager

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