When you’ve been around a few decades, you learn a few things, but you don’t do it by staying still. The Python 2 has stood the test of time (and won a cabinet full of medals) through continual refinements to make it one of the best performance XC tires on the start line. It’s versatile enough for almost any trail, with a fast-rolling center section and wide, low-height knobs for efficient power transfer and grip at the rear wheel with less power lost to lug squirm. Squared-off shoulders make even off-camber sections feel like hero dirt, thanks partly to the softer shoulder compound in the RR.XC tread technology.

Mud shedding
Lateral grip
Puncture Resistance
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Python 2 References

Gamme Use Tire Size ETRTO Concept Beads Reinforcement Compound Colours TPI Weight (+/- 7%) Reference Made in France

Rim Size 26

Mountain bikeXC – Trail / Dirt jump26X2.152-559Tubeless ReadyFBRace Ripost XCBlack127660gPV525182check
Mountain bikeXC – Trail / Dirt jump26X2.152-559TubetypeWBBlack33695gPV700865
Mountain bikeXC – Trail / Dirt jump26X2.152-559TubetypeFBHardskinBlack66665gPV700872

Rim Size 27.5

Mountain bikeXC – Trail27.5X2.152-584Tubeless ReadyFBRace Ripost XCBlack127700gPV525202check
Mountain bikeXC – Trail27.5X2.152-584TubetypeWBBlack33720gPV700905
Mountain bikeXC – Trail27.5X2.152-584TubetypeFBHardskinBlack66690gPV700912
Mountain bikeXC – Trail27.5X2.2554-584Tubeless ReadyFBHardskinRace Ripost XCBlack66815gPV526362check
Mountain bikeXC – Trail27.5X2.2554-584TubetypeWBBlack33710gPV700925

Rim Size 29

Mountain bikeXC – Trail29X2.152-622Tubeless ReadyFBRace Ripost XCBlack127740gPV525232check
Mountain bikeXC – Trail29X2.152-622Tubeless ReadyFBHardskinRace Ripost XCBlack66830gPV525222check
Mountain bikeXC – Trail29X2.152-622TubetypeWBBlack33770gPV700945
Mountain bikeXC – Trail29X2.152-622TubetypeFBHardskinBlack66740gPV700952
Mountain bikeXC – Trail29X2.2554-622Tubeless ReadyFBRace Ripost XCBlack127760gPV525352check
Mountain bikeXC – Trail29X2.2554-622Tubeless ReadyFBHardskinRace Ripost XCBlack66860gPV526372check
20 years of victories


The Python 2, that’s the ultimate tire with 20 years of victories! Its legendary «square» profile gives a top fast-rolling efficacy on all dry to mixed terrains, with square knob structure and an optimised compound-casing sealing. Associated with square profile, the lateral grip is excellent and the Race Ripost® compound is ideal when gaining speed, riding on bankings, getting out of ruts. For intensive use, you’ll love it at the rear. The legend is reassuring, trust it!


Legendary tire, multiple winner of the XC World Cup.

Fast rolling “square” effective profile.

Gives performance, grip and high-quality fast rolling capacity.

More reliable thanks to compound thickness and raised sidewalls.



Alexis CHENEVIER, 6 times Transvésubienne Winner

« For me, the best word to describe the Python 2 is VERSATILITY. It is mounted on my XCountry and All Mountain bikes 90% of the time. I use it mainly in rear mounts for its excellent grip in traction and braking while maintaining a very good yield. The PYTHON 2 performs well on dry and mixed grounds. With the Hardskin casing, it is very resistant. With the Python 2 at the back, and the Kraken at the front, I could win 6 times the mythical Transvésubienne.»

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