The architecture of the Kraken’s knobs has been inspired by the Skeleton, the ultimate tire in terms of performance. Developed in 29 x 2.30, the volume of the Kraken allows to go down in pressure to bring a maximum of comfort and serenity in the most chaotic parts. The ultimate goal with the Kraken was also to design a tire that would not be too exclusive, only for XC athletes, but to expand its use to any mountain bike addict and trail lover.

Mud shedding
Lateral grip
Puncture Resistance
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Kraken References

Gamme Use Tire Size ETRTO Concept Beads Reinforcement Compound Colours TPI Weight (+/- 7%) Reference Made in France

Rim Size 27.5

Mountain bikeXC – Trail27.5X2.355-622Tubeless ReadyFBReinforcedBlack66760gPV703632
Mountain bikeXC – Trail27.5X2.355-622TubetypeWBBlack33780gPV703895

Rim Size 29

Mountain bikeXC – Trail29X2.355-622Tubeless ReadyFBHardskinRace Ripost XCBlack127800gPV529322check
Mountain bikeXC – Trail29X2.355-622Tubeless ReadyFBRace Ripost XCBlack127700gPV529312check
Mountain bikeXC – Trail29X2.355-622Tubeless ReadyFBHardskinRace Ripost XCBlack / Tan walls127800gPV529332check
Mountain bikeXC – Trail29X2.355-622Tubeless ReadyFBSideskinBlack66800gPV703002
Mountain bikeXC – Trail29X2.355-622TubetypeWBBlack33810gPV703805
Release the Kraken !
Versatility, grip and performance


The architecture of its studs is inspired by the Skeleton, an XC tire that excels when it comes to performance. Developed in the size 29 x 2.30, the volume of the Kraken allows the pressure to be reduced to bring maximum comfort and peace of mind on the bumpiest of sections. Available in two constructions, ultralight 127 TPI and ultra-versatile 66 TPI coupled with the Hardskin® bead-to-bead reinforcement, the Kraken Racing Lab will meet the needs of pure performance enthusiasts as well as those of XC Marathon competitors and Trail enthusiasts.


Three words : versatile, grip, security

XC Performance mounting: Kraken x Skeleton

Trail mounting: Kraken x Kraken

Optimized knobs orientation for braking

Higher knobs than the Skeleton

ETRTO 55-622



David VALERO, MMR Factory Racing Team, TOP 10 World Ranking

« Hutchinson has created a tire that adapts to all types of terrain, muddy and dry. Users will have at their disposal a tire that combines great durability and excellent grip. With its 55 mm width the new Kraken is undoubtedly serious competition for the tires currently dominating the market. »

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