11 September 2023

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Here we go again in 2024 with Team “HUTCHINSON – FEMME & CYCLISTE” ! Our primary goal: l’Etape du Tour de France, with 14 women committed to this exceptional granfondo challenge.

In 2023, Hutchinson made history in collaboration with the association Femme & Cycliste by launching an all-female team to tackle l’Etape du Tour de France. As the Official Supplier of l’Etape du Tour de France, we joined forces with passionate female cyclists to prepare them “like the pros” and inspire them to excel in this iconic cyclosportive, held on July 9th, 2023.

2024 Registrations now open – Until September 30th, 2023.

In 2024, we are thrilled to announce that this adventure continues. Team “HUTCHINSON – FEMME & CYCLISTE” is back, more determined than ever, with the goal of conquering l’Etape du Tour de France 2024. We are once again seeking passionate female cyclists eager to take on the challenge, progress together, and inspire other women to enter this discipline. Registrations to be part of this exceptional team are now open until Saturday, September 30th, 2023, included. Join us for an unforgettable cycling adventure, push your limits, and contribute to promoting women’s participation in cycling. L’Etape du Tour de France 2024 awaits, and we would be delighted to ride it together.

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“HUTCHINSON – FEMME & CYCLISTE” Team: An Incredible Experience

In partnership with the association Femme & Cycliste, our goal is to bring together 14 exceptional women to participate in l’Etape du Tour de France 2024. Since 2019, the association Femme & Cycliste has offered female cyclists the opportunity to participate in road cycling competitions, including cyclosportives. In 2022, Hutchinson, Official Supplier of l’Étape du Tour de France, launched the #HerOwnStory campaign, aiming to promote women’s participation in cycling at all levels, have an open conversation about the challenges faced, and encourage women to come together, claim the space they deserve in the sport, and share their stories worldwide to raise awareness and achieve gender parity in the discipline.

It was only natural for us to come together to create the “HUTCHINSON – FEMME & CYCLISTE” team to further encourage women to participate in l’Etape du Tour de France, one of the world’s most prestigious cyclosportives.

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Last year, 12 women were selected from a pool of equally deserving candidates. Each year, the selection process is challenging because we aim to assemble a team that represents the diversity of female cyclists. Therefore, all profiles are potentially serious, regardless of age, athletic level, whether you’re a new cyclist, an experienced one, or even a seasoned competitor. However, four decisive criteria remain: being a cyclist, demonstrating a desire to progress, focusing your athletic year on participating in the Etape du Tour, and committing to share your experience with the #HerOwnStory hashtag to inspire other female cyclists to take up the sport.

Emilie, 33 years old and a recent cyclist who had never participated in a cyclosportive, sums up her experience:

“Thank you for everything, a great adventure for all of us! A wonderful progression for each of us, an unforgettable experience.”
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A Collective Challenge

Sylvie Woroniecki, Communications Manager for Hutchinson and co-organizer of the team with Tamara Kroll, President of the association Femme & Cycliste, emphasizes the significant impact this team has had on the amateur cycling scene in France: “Thank you all for believing in this project and spreading so much joy and determination,” she says, addressing the team members after successfully completing the Tour stage. “This is what has certainly left a lasting impression and undoubtedly inspired the young girls who cheered you on the side of the road.”

HUTCHINSON has enabled this project to shine through high-quality media support: professional-quality videos and photos. Other partners have also joined the project: STUDIO 446 for athletic preparation, G-SPORT for outfit creation, and HJC for helmets.

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#HerOwnStory – Sharing Experiences to Inspire

Team members came from all corners of France and beyond. Ikrame, 22 years old, living in Morocco, was selected for her rich and inspiring motivation letter. She spent a whole year training with STUDIO 446-provided training sessions (performance partner). Her first year of road cycling and participation in the Etape du Tour is summarized as follows: “I know it wasn’t easy for me, but thanks to your support and encouragement, I managed to go all the way. Your invaluable advice really helped me push my limits. Your experience and expertise were crucial for my progress and surpassing myself. I am truly grateful for everything you have done for me. Your confidence in me and your constant presence will remain etched in my memory. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” It should be noted that she had never ridden in the mountains or in such a dense peloton.

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A Team Open to All Profiles

For some members of the 2023 team, it was a revelation.

Ludmilla, 33 years old and a mother of two young children, says:

“I am writing these words to thank you for everything, for selecting me and giving me a chance, for allowing me to experience this unique adventure, it was magical! I come out of this experience with a completely different view of cycling. Before, I associated cycling with triathlon, but now I see it as a unique discipline. I still have a long way to go, and I thought I would continue on the path of triathlon, just not to get too bored (after all). But in fact, no. I will continue cycling. This experience has inspired me to progress further, to push my limits. When I see the girls in front, it motivates me to work hard to keep up with them! All of this is thanks to you.”

Camille, 36 years old, joined the team late to replace an injured member:

“I wanted to thank you a thousand times for allowing me to experience this incredible adventure! Thank you for pushing me to exceed myself (especially when it wasn’t guaranteed). Thank you for testing me and giving me indoor training sessions (and I would have loved to do more!). I thought of you in difficult moments; it helped me. Thank you for the ‘gapette’ which was very useful today. Thank you for your commitment to F&C; our outfits have made an impact on people, and I hope they will inquire about the association and its ‘purpose.'”

Louise, 25 years old, an experienced cyclist accustomed to competition, says:

“I loved every moment of this day (the Etape du Tour) and this adventure, just want to do it all over again! I also loved speaking up and making people rethink the constraints they put on themselves to try to be part of this community. And I loved even more being one of the rays of sunshine in this team that belongs to us. The goal was more than achieved since everyone noticed us and knows our beliefs. I’m so proud of our entire team.”

Could It Be You in 2024?

The application phase is open until Saturday, September 30th, 2023 included. Candidates will be notified of their selection before registrations open for the Etape du Tour 2024.

However, before applying, it is important to be aware that this is not just a competition to win a bib and VIP participation in the Etape du Tour 2024.

What is the ideal profile to be part of the team?

First and foremost, you must be a cyclist. We are not looking for someone who is trained or following a training program, but someone who regularly rides a bicycle and is capable of covering at least 80 to 100 km regularly.

Next, this cyclist must demonstrate a genuine desire to progress. Although each team member will arrive at their own pace at the end of the Etape du Tour, the training program they will follow should allow them to exceed their expectations.

Finally, we expect the candidate to be proficient in the use of social media (Strava, Facebook, Instagram). The goal is to highlight their story within the team to show other women that it is possible and to inspire them.

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Benefits of Becoming a Member of Team “HUTCHINSON – FEMME & CYCLISTE”:

– Bib for L’ETAPE DU TOUR 2024 – date and location pending.
– Accommodation on-site, catering, and transportation to the event location.
– Team clothing in team colors.
– HUTCHINSON tires for training and performance.
– Team meeting and presentation weekend.
– Specific 20-week training program for Etape du Tour preparation.
– L’ETAPE DU TOUR 2024 reconnaissance weekend.
– Video reports and photos.
– The possibility of undergoing a physiological profiling test with STUDIO 446.
– Team participation in 3 cyclosportive events as part of the team’s program.
– Exclusive offers and discounts from team partners.
– Possible participation in two team training camps.

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Commitments of Your Engagement:

– Membership in the Women & Cyclists association is mandatory (€15).
– Cyclists must provide a competition license (FFC, UFOLEP, FSGT, FFtri) or a medical certificate attesting to their ability to engage in competitive cycling to participate in cyclosportives.
– Use the team’s equipment and clothing from partners throughout the season.
– Attend the “team presentation weekend” at the HUTCHINSON factory in Châlette-sur-Loing (45).
– Represent the team and its partners on social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Strava.
– Train regularly following a training program.
– Participate in three cyclosportives as part of the team’s program.
– Attend the Etape du Tour reconnaissance weekend.
– Participate in the L’ETAPE DU TOUR 2024 weekend.

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