8 July 2021

Reed Boggs Recovery in Hawaii

“It was an awesome trail, so much fun, the dirt was amazing,
just in the forest… It was amazing.”

Reed Boggs

« I got surgery on my shoulder in December 2020 and I needed to repair some things, because I kept dislocating my shoulder. All of 2020, every time I crashed, my shoulder just dislocated… So the doctor went inside, tying everything up, repairing some ligaments and four months later I’m good to go ! It feels awesome. After that, I’ve just been trying to get back on the bike, get all my tricks back ; got to get ready for the

Marzocchi Proving Grounds (September, 10th – 11th)

and get ready for

Redbull Rampage (October, 15th)

Yeah, it should be good. There was kind of two steps back, but four steps forward right now for everything, so that’s good !

Then in Hawaii, my buddy Chaddy, who was the second filmer, knows the guys who build that trail. I’m not sure what it’s called, I think it’s called the Groovy Line. He knows these guys that have been building all these trails on North Shore in Hawaii and he gave me permission just to come there, shoot the video and have a good time. It was an awesome trail, so much fun, the dirt was amazing, just in the forest… It was amazing. Then, doing some yoga and other things on the beach, that was really good for the shoulder. That’s why we named it « RECOVERY», because we were eating healthy, we were doing exercise, yoga, riding, swimming. It was just the best five days to recover from the shoulder surgery.
And now I’m driving to Lake Tahoe to coach the kids, peace guys ! »

Reed Boggs

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