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22 June 2021

New Gridskin reinforcement Limited Edition

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Following 2 years of R&D and extensive testing, Hutchinson proudly launches the new Gridskin reinforcement Limited Edition.

The objective of the new Gridskin bead-to-bead reinforcement is to produce a superior reinforced tyre. Gridskin improves the tyre’s grip and comfort, allowing lower pressures whilst offering greater resistance to punctures and cuts. Perhaps most importantly, Gridskin’s intelligent design allows for significantly reduced environmental impact during manufacturing.

Ltd Edition Fusion 5 road tyre and Touareg gravel tyre receive Gridskin treatment.

Fusion 5 Performance Gridskin Ltd. Edition


Touareg Gridskin Ltd. Edition


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Bicycle tyres are a consumable product, often shipped great distances, with raw materials located far from manufacturing and even further from point of sale.

This has always been a major factor in why Hutchinson has proudly continued its 100 year old tradition of manufacturing in Châlette-sur-Loing, France, obtaining raw materials from European suppliers and collaborating with fabric manufacturers from France and neighboring countries.

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– Robust ‘knitting mesh’ construction, which isolates external damage, reducing the chance of embedded sharp objects creating larger holes or eventual punctures.

– Utilising Gridskin in the iconic Touareg gravel tyre, allows for weight to be reduced by 8% vs the standard Hardskin reinforced model.

– The Gridskin equipped Ltd Edition Fusion 5 Performance road tyre, benefits from improved puncture resistance while maintaining exceptional performance.

– Our best ever balance of lightweight and protection.

– Outstanding distortion performance, improved assured cornering and comfort over rougher surfaces. Test session results prove outstanding cornering feeling, traction, safety & enjoyment.

– A fresh & unique design – discreet from afar but remarkable up close, with a reptilian relief on the sidewalls.

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– Handmade in France in Hutchinson’s Factory (European local production).

– The Gridskin reinforcement helps to significantly reduce the impact of production: we have successfully reduced the number of processing steps involved in the manufacture of tyres with this reinforcement from 4 to 1, while reducing the waste generated and the emissions associated with these steps (less plastic, less rubber and less electricity).

– A NAKED product – no label added to the tire = no scrap during the process = no waste.

– A minimalist packaging Made in France with recycled paper.

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In the interest of exploring just how sustainable we could make Gridskin, we have released two limited edition models – the ever popular tubeless Fusion 5 Performance road tyre in 700x28mm and our highly rated flagship tubeless gravel tyre Touareg, in 700x40mm. These limited edition versions have been produced ‘Naked’ (without printed sidewall labels) as this also greatly reduces the amount of scrap. Special minimalist packaging has been assembled in France, using recycled paper.

Sustainability is one of the most important challenges of this decade.
Sylvie Woroniecki, Brand Manager
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