10 May 2022

Isabeau Courdurier Enduro French Champion again

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The enduro season is starting again in earnest for the French riders, and the calendar does not leave them much time to get into the swing since it is the French championships that open the 2022 season. Head to the small village of Accous in the Pyrenees with its two days of racing and its 7 specials. At the end of a sporting weekend, it is the Hutchinson rider Isabeau Courdurier who wins again in the women’s category.


In the heart of Béarn, the charming village of Accous can count on a hard core of mountain bikers and volunteers who have been organizing a race for years. The latter has grown over the past two years by truly opening up to the highest level. The event has proven itself and was awarded the French championship, a few weeks before the opening of the Enduro World Series season.

For the riders, this is a special weekend since it is the first real meeting where everyone will be able to judge their level after a winter of preparation.

The ground was wet for the first day of racing and while some tracks had a certain grip, the last two stages of the day were made particularly technical by the dampness of the ground. It is Morgane Charre who wins the first, and very long, special of the day with more than 12 minutes of time. It didn’t take much to sting Isabeau Courdurier who then took the lead in the next two times and won the first day of racing ahead of the Pivot rider.

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Sunday was not the scene of major upheavals among the ladies. Each has strengthened its position in the standings, starting with Isabeau Courdurier who has established herself as the undisputed leader in the discipline by building up her lead to distance Morgane Charre by more than a minute.

Isabeau Courdurier, on arrival:

“It was really not easy this weekend in fairly tricky and slippery conditions. We rode a lot of specials on sight and frankly it was challenging! I felt like I was surviving all weekend. I’m happy with this result because in terms of riding it was difficult to find your marks. In EWS, you don’t ride much on sight, so it’s not something you often work on, so the onsight stages were really engaged and we were surprised. It was a good job on the reflexes!”

“I’m happy to regain the pleasure of riding that I had lost a bit last year, so it’s a lot of good for the morale to be back on the bike, to find your riding again. I was missing it so the confidence is coming back and it feels good to have fun on the bike!”

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