CO2 Cartridges

To inflate quickly and effortlessly all types of tires (Tubetype & Tubeless).

The head is compatible with Schreader or Presta valves.

One CO2 cartridge is excellent for installing Road Tubeless and MTB Tubeless tires during the initial bead fitting.

No need for a manometer: the 16g cartridges inflate directly to the good pressure (3 bars in MTB Tube Type and 2.5 bars in Tubeless, 8 bars on road Tube Type tires and 7 bars in Tubeless.)

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CO2 Cartridges References

Description Dimension Reference


Description : Pack of 2 CO2 cartridgesDimension : 16g cartridge (x2)Reference : AD60223
Description : Box of 50 CO2 cartridgesDimension : 16g cartridge (x50)Reference : AD60221
Description : Kit CO2 Cartridges + Valve connectorDimension : 16g cartridge (x2) + nozzlecompatible with Presta/SchraderReference : AD60222
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