7 October 2019

Reed Boggs hits the new Griffus line at the EVO Bike Park

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The Hutchinson crew is so stocked to have just launched one of the biggest European lines at the Evo Bike Park in France. The Griffus Line was opened during the yearly Evo Jam Session on September, 21st. American freerider Reed Boggs came right after winning Proving Grounds to open and ride this massive line alongside some top French freeriders.

The idea of this new line came from Romain Baghe and Hugo Schoonheere, freeriders and co-founders of the Evo Bike Park, who wanted to offer something really massive there.

“We looked for a spot in the bike park with enough downhill parts but also room for very big jumps. We really wanted to have one big jump at the beginning, two huge jumps in the middle and one tricks jump at the end. We designed the rest of the line around this. The goal is to have a maximum of air time. It’s a mix of speed, huge jumps and tricks.” – Romain Baghe, Evo Bike Park

The goal is to have a maximum of air time
Romain Baghe, Evo Bike Park
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“We wanted a drop at the beginning and then there was some room left so we built a small speed jump just before the wooden kicker. The middle of the Griffus Line is the ‘flowy section’. We wanted something cool and technical, not too steep there. As we love new stuff and as you can’t find a lot of them yet, we created an on/off. Then after the turn, it’s full speed to jump the huge hits: the first one is 19 meters and right after there’s a 14 meters long one. The Griffus Line ends up with one last kicker, to finish with some sweet tricks.”


Special thanks to the Evo Bike Park crew Romain, Hugo and Thomas Di Giovanni. Thanks to our riders Reed Boggs, Adolf Silva, Antoni Villoni for coming and sending it !

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