16 March 2023

Isabeau Courdurier: Gearing Up for a Thrilling 2023 Season

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Hutchinson’s Pride: Enduro Prodigy Isabeau Courdurier

At Hutchinson, we are honored to be partnered with exceptional athletes who share our passion and dedication to the sport. One such remarkable individual is enduro mountain bike athlete Isabeau Courdurier.

Isabeau has been a valued member of the Hutchinson team since 2016, and we are thrilled to support her as she returns to compete in the Enduro World Series 2023 after a stunning comeback in 2022.

Defying the Odds: 2022’s Unforgettable Rebound

Isabeau Courdurier’s 2022 season could have easily been a write-off after her misfortune at EWS-E Valberg, where a tree branch pierced her shoe and foot, resulting in an emergency helicopter rescue. However, true to her character, Isabeau burst back onto the scene just over a month later. She narrowly missed a podium spot at EWS Whistler and went on to take the overall title.

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Empowering success

Her unlikely comeback and eventual triumph in 2022 serve as a spectacular reminder of her undeniable talent, resilience, and mental fortitude. We are incredibly proud and grateful to have her on board as such a long-standing member of the Hutchinson family. Her ongoing input in the research and development of our mountain bike products, including the Racing Lab range, is invaluable.

Racing Lab: Excellence in Tire Design

As the only tire manufacturer still producing in France, Hutchinson is exceptionally proud of the Racing Lab range. This commitment to quality is evident in the collaboration between our experts and top athletes like Isabeau Courdurier. By working closely with Isabeau, we have refined and optimized our Racing Lab tires to meet the specific demands of enduro racing. This has resulted in products that provide unparalleled grip, durability, and speed, perfectly tailored to the needs of athletes on the world stage.

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Looking Ahead to the 2023 UCI Mountain Bike World Series

Ahead of the 2023 UCI Mountain Bike World series, which will see Enduro feature with mountain biking’s other major disciplines under the same umbrella for the first time, we want to take a moment to congratulate Isa for everything she’s achieved during her career so far. We’re stoked to be part of her story and ride alongside her as she continues to play an integral part in developing the sport of women’s enduro mountain biking.

Eagerly Awaiting the Next Chapter

With an impressive palmarès, Isabeau has climbed through the ranks to cement her position as a formidable competitor and one of the biggest names in Enduro racing. We can’t wait to see what she will achieve this coming season. Keep an eye out for Isa and her Hutchinson helmet at the UCI Enduro World Cup in Maydena, Tasmania in a few days.

Go, Isabeau!

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16 March 2023

Isabeau Courdurier: Gearing Up for a Thrilling 2023 Season

As the 2023 Enduro World Series approaches, join us in celebrating the inspiring journey of Isabeau Courdurier, a remarkable enduro mountain bike athlete and valued member of the Hutchinson team. Her unwavering passion and dedication to the sport have propelled her to overcome incredible odds, culminating in an unforgettable 2022 season.
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