Kit Rep'Air MTB Tubeless

Rep’Air Tubeless is a repair kit for tubeless tires. It ensures a long-lasting tubeless tire repair.

A few drops of glue allows a quick repair of punctures up to 1 mm without removing the tire from the rim.

For larger repairs up to 5 mm, the repair is done by placing a patch with a few drops of instant glue. The special formulation of Hutchinson instant injectable glue keeps its flexibility to ensure excellent repair reliability regardless of the puncture.

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Kit Rep'Air MTB Tubeless References

Description Dimension Reference


Description : 4 round 25mm patches + 1 x 3g tube of instant adhesive + 1 user’s guideDimension : 4 x 25 mm + instant adhesiveReference : AD59810
Description : 4 round 17mm patches + 1 x 5g tube of instant adhesive + emery cloth + 1 user’s guideDimension : 4 x 17 mm + rubber glueReference : AD60033
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