Pro Tour

For ultimate performance, you need the ultimate product: the Pro Tour tubular, with a 290TPI handmade polycotton casing for unparalled efficiency under power and control on even the fastest and most technically demanding descents. Puncture-resistant reinforcement and a latex innertube ensure you’ll be there when the selection is made, and the smooth-rolling, comfortable feel means you’ll stay fresh later in the race than the competition.

Puncture Resistance
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The Pro Tour is the tubular tire used by our Professional Teams for most races. It has supported our racers’ performance for 4 years with, above all, numerous Tour de France victories. Its laminated profile is very fast and offers a lateral deformation capacity coveted by many. Associated with a 25mm section, we have worked on a unique grip process between the poly-cotton casing and the compound to optimise performance, grip and puncture resistance. High-level performance is the sum of details: don’t leave anything to chance with the Pro Tour!


Tubular of the pros. The benchmark tire for professional cyclists.

Premium hand-made tubular tire. Poly-cotton casing.

Anti-puncture reinforcement. Latex inner tube mixing durability and performance.

Ideal for dry to mixed weather racing.



Niki TERPSTRA, Team Total Direct Energie

« As a professional cyclist, all details matter. The smallest second must not be neglected. With the Pro Tour, everything is optimized and whether in a pass attack or when putting on a sprint, I know that my bike will give the best performance and responsiveness. Today, you win pro races riding downhill, the Pro Tour’s grip helps me to be aggressive and to take risks with all confidence to catch the few seconds that will make me climb the podium after a great ride. »

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