Fusion 5 Performance

When you need the best all-around road tire, there’s only one choice: the Fusion 5 Performance. We measure tires on ride comfort, rolling resistance, grip, wear life, toughness, and weight, and the Performance is off the charts in every category. You get the same fast, grippy Eleven Storm compound as all Fusion 5 series tires, paired to a more robust Kevlar Pro Tech flat protection layer. With unparalleled, uncompromising ride in our broadest size range, it’s a tire for every road.

Puncture Resistance
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Fusion 5 Performance References

Gamme Use Tire Size ETRTO Concept Beads Reinforcement Compound Colours TPI Weight (+/- 7%) Reference Made in France

Rim Size 700

RoadRace700X2323622TubetypeFBKevlar Pro TechElevenSTORM®Black127190gPV527531check
RoadRace700X2525-622TubetypeFBKevlar Pro TechElevenSTORM®Black127200gPV527621check
RoadRace700X2525-623TubetypeFBKevlar Pro TechElevenSTORM®Black / Tan walls127200gPV529041check
RoadRace700X2525-622Tubeless ReadyFBHardskinElevenSTORM®Black127245gPV527721check
RoadRace700X2828-622TubetypeFBKevlar Pro TechElevenSTORM®Black127220gPV527691check
RoadRace700X2828-622Tubeless ReadyFBHardskinElevenSTORM®Black127270gPV527951check
RoadRace700X3030-622Tubeless ReadyFBHardskinElevenSTORM®Black127296gPV528791check
The best tested Fusion 5
The benchmark tire


The Performance version of the Fusion 5 family is THE perfect harmony for all cyclists wishing to go fast and far. Associated with a Kevlar® reinforcement under the tread, it will reassure the most nervous and offer a durability superior to 4,000 km. In 700×25 section, you will find the perfect compromise between performance and comfort, grip and durability.


Perfect compromise between lightness and Kevlar® reinforcement.

ElevenSTORM® compound concept associating grip and durability.

From 190g, 127 TPI casing, groomed design.



Cassandre BEAUGRAND, Winner of the Hambourg WTS 2018, 2019. Winner of several Super League Triathlon races

« During Olympic Triathlon , race can be lost at any time and I need perfect components to be easy on my bike. Thanks to the Fusion 5 performance , I know I get the optimal grip and I don’t fear punctures anymore. »

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